BATMAN #130 Reaches Its Stunning Conclusion in the Failsafe Arc

Batman #130 serves as the successful conclusion to two blockbuster tales. Rush back to your local comic book store if you want one with a fantastic script, characterization, art, and typography. Buy Batman issues #125–130. Just read it all in one sitting.

BATMAN #130 Reaches Its Stunning Conclusion in the Failsafe Arc - BATMAN #130 Reaches Its Stunning Conclusion

The first seven pages of this week's Batman #130 should make it plain if there was ever any doubt about the type of Batman Chip Zdarsky writes. The dark knight, who was launched into space at the end of the previous issue, is now hurtling into the emptiness like Sandra Bullock in Gravity without the protection of a pressurized suit or even another space station nearby.

Surely he will pass away, right? There isn't any escape from this. However, by the issue's eighth page, he is back on Earth and prepared for a showdown with Failsafe, the unstoppable android he built as a fallback to kill him in case he ever went wild.

About Failsafe

In the event that the Caped Crusader ever went rogue, Batman constructed Failsafe, a sophisticated android. He is constructed of several robotics, including Amazo technology. Batman created Failsafe to be stronger and faster than him, as well as to be aware of his strategies and maneuvers. Additionally, Failsafe is outfitted expressly to take on the Justice League members. Failsafe is not intended to kill, despite the fact that he has lethal capabilities.

Thoughts on BATMAN #130

Batman #130 is a superhero adventure comic at its most ridiculous. And when we say absurd, we really mean absurd. This entire opening sequence is absurd. Additionally, it's an exciting way to start an issue off, and it's very badass when Bruce escapes the conflict with only his underwear on.

You can't help but chuckle and clench your fist at the same moment when you see this scene. That's simply Batman being Batman, after all. Batman initially thought he was going to perish in an aircraft accident when this series began six years ago, but this week he managed to survive reentry into Earth's atmosphere. There are many things in Batman.

Zdarsky, Jorge Jimenez, and Tomeu Morey rooted that utter lunacy in the characters throughout it all. If we don't care about Batman, Robin, and Superman in the first place, why should we care that they are fighting a killer robot?


The dynamic duo's synchronization as they take on Failsafe is expertly captured by Jimenez and Morey, who also demonstrate to readers how well-matched Batman and Robin are. The battle's shocking and devastating finale is beautifully conveyed through the imagery.

The finale of Zdarsky, Leonardo Romero, and Jordie Bellaire's "I Am A Gun" backup story is also included in this issue. Readers are given insight into how Batman created the persona and how having it in the back of his mind has affected every choice he's made since the secret genesis of the Batman of Zur-En-Arrh comes to a rewarding and complex conclusion.

Romero and Bellaire do a fantastic job of fusing a David Mazzuchelli-like interpretation of the early Dark Knight with the visual aesthetic of 1950s Batman comics. Failsafe and its stories have been the most near-perfect Batman stories ever seen as an introductory arc to a run.


For lapsed Batman fans and longstanding readers, Zdarsky, Jimenez, and the company have created the ideal starting point. Not to forget the thrilling conclusion to the previous stories. The cliffhanger in this week's finale just serves to highlight how well this series is being handled.


Moving swiftly Batman manages to stay alive and return to Earth by using an oxygen tank and one of the boosters from a damaged Justice League Javelin. As Superman delays Failsafe for him, Batman dashes to the Fortress of Solitude.

Batman utilizes this time to write a program that will be inserted into the gap he made in Failsafe by hitting it with the New Genesis Element X Laser in order to give Failsafe's software a personality.

Working together to defeat Failsafe, Batman and Robin (Tim Drake) are able to open a door for Batman to introduce the new personality program into Failsafe. Having a caring nature but spiraling out of control Failsafe immediately departs for the Fortress of Solitude.

Returning in a flash, Failsafe blasts Batman with a unique laser gun, evaporating him. When a horrified Robin confronts Failsafe, the robot claims that by killing him, Batman was simply demonstrating sympathy.
Another image depicts a severely injured Batman lying still in a shadowy passageway.