Hasbro Releases a New Joe Fixit Action Figure for Marvel Legends

Hasbro debuted a new Marvel Legends action figure today that was modeled by Bruce Banner's alter ego. This 8.1-inch-tall figure comes with five accessories that are based on The Incredible Hulk comics.

Hasbro Releases a New Joe Fixit Action Figure for Marvel Legends
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The Jade Giant, formerly known as Joe Fixit, returned to his original grey form while working as a security guard for a Las Vegas casino owner during the celebrated Hulk run by writer Peter David in the 1980s. In a miniseries penned by David, Marvel recently went back in time.

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About Marvel Comics

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Peter David's Outline of How the Character Was Created

When I first came up with Joe Fixit years ago, it was just to mix things up. Typically, Bruce would have created some sort of scenario and he would be concerned that the Hulk would unavoidably appear and ruin things.

The plot involving Joe turned the concept on its head and gave the Hulk a fantastic scenario in Vegas, and he was anxious that Bruce would appear and ruin everything. I had no clue the character would stick around for so long.


Joe Fixit, Bruce Banner's alter-ego, exchanges morality for increased intelligence, giving him the motivation and means to behave immorally relative to both Bruce and The Hulk. The decor and design of this high-quality, premium Joe Fixit 6-inch scale figure were influenced by the way the character appeared in The Incredible Hulk comics.

It stands 8.1 inches tall. includes a figure and 5 accessories with a comic book theme. Marvel has almost 80 years of entertainment history and has established itself as a staple of fan collections all across the world.

Marvel Comic Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe characters that are beloved by fans have been reimagined in the Marvel Legends Series with exquisite detail and articulation for posing and collection display.