Wednesday's Most Interesting and Fascinating Supernatural Creatures

If NOT for the adored humanoids, there would be no story. That is what distinguishes Wednesday from a copycat teen drama. These cunning yet magnificent characters kept audiences riveted to the screen and entertained them, propelling the Tim Burton series to the top of the charts.

Wednesday's Most Interesting and Fascinating Supernatural Creatures - Wednesday's Most Interesting and Fascinating Supernatural Creatures

Since debuting on Netflix, Wednesday has been a phenomenon, reaching and maintaining the top rank on the streaming platform. While The Addams Family fans were interested in how the show would adapt the recognizable Wednesday Addams character, viewers persevered with the unusual series because of its intriguing plot and novel approach to a well-known genre.

Wednesday is not merely a tale about this well-known gothic figure. Not only did the show alter Wednesday's personality to give her more nuance, but it also added many new creatures to Nevermore Academy that maintain the show's focus on the paranormal and the difficulties associated with magic.

Two weeks after its debut, Wednesday was Netflix's most popular series of all time. Furthermore, it's been said that the first season was so popular that it beat off fresh releases to recover the top rank over the holiday season. Therefore, the announcement of season 2 was not entirely unexpected.

The Most Interesting and Fascinating Supernatural Creatures on Wednesday (Netflix)


One of Wednesday's oddest characters is Principal Larissa Weems, and this has a lot to do with the mystery surrounding her position within the outcast neighborhood. When Wednesday discovers that Weems utilized her skills to trick the pupils into thinking Rowan wasn't actually killed, he learns that she is a shapeshifter.


These creatures were never discussed prior to this major revelation. Although Weems attended the Nevermore Academy when she was a teen, the audience is unaware that there were any shapeshifter kids there. Future plots could take an interesting turn if these fascinating but still enigmatic animals were briefly introduced.

The Hyde

The central enigma of the overarching storyline that ran throughout the first season is The Hyde. Wednesday understands that Hyde is a human being who transforms into a beast when another person unleashes their dark side, but she doesn't realize Tyler is the creature until the end.

The name "Hyde" is a reference to the well-known book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The fact that the story was a gothic novel that nicely complemented Wednesday's themes makes the use of this phrase particularly appropriate. Even though the tale would include a different antagonist in the following season, this creature was a distinctive bad guy with an unusual backstory.


No major character in this series was a vampire, which kept the species primarily in the background. The audience assumes that because they don't learn anything about vampires in this series, they are fairly similar to earlier depictions of these creatures. The enigmatic addition of these animals does, however, increase the diversity of Nevermore Academy and the numerous opportunities for different storylines as the series goes on.



Greek mythology contains a variety of gorgons, with Medusa being the most well-known. The gorgons in Wednesday generally resemble humans but have snakes for hair, which they cover with hats because if their classmates saw the snakes, they would turn to stone.

The famous gorgon figure Ajax, who is Enid's love interest, had a memorable moment when he unintentionally noticed his reflection and turned himself into stone. Gorgons added to the diversity of Nevermore Academy and provided a special skill that can be used for defense in upcoming battles with monsters and bad guys, in contrast to other species like werewolves and vampires, which are more frequently included in teen fantasy dramas.


In the show, Wednesday's roommate and close friend Enid is a werewolf. Since Enid ends up "wolfing out" and saves Wednesday from the Hyde, many fans view Enid to be the series' true protagonist. Enid's character isn't introduced solely to give Wednesday's squad some strength and optimism; rather, her plotline emphasizes the difficulty of "coming of age" stories.

Because she hasn't been able to fully wolf out, she is at odds with her family, which makes her doubt herself and struggle with feelings of inadequacy. Although werewolves have been overused in supernatural shows and films, this werewolf offers a fresh take on these well-known animals.


Bianca was an intriguing addition to the plot, especially given that she was a siren. In this series, sirens resemble mermaids in popular culture while retaining their mythological allure.

In addition to being intriguing in general, Bianca's abilities also give her character more depth. individuals don't trust her because of her powers, which makes it challenging for her to establish long-lasting bonds with individuals.

In addition, the show ended with her mother tricking her into utilizing her talents to support her husband financially, promising that the rest of the series would involve more terrifying siren magic.


The MC

The outstanding quality of Wednesday's multi-layered tale and the character herself are two of its strongest features. Early in the story, Wednesday develops psychic abilities, and she subsequently finds out that her mother and her ancestors have seen visions for a very long time.

The cast also includes a variety of other psychics, such as Xavier, who paints visions and has the ability to temporarily bring his sketches to life off the page, and Eugene, who can telepathically converse with bees. All of these many psychics examine the various meanings of the term and how magic might be used in the ominous, enigmatic series.


The siren's natural adversary is a pombero. A siren lures her prey in with its unmistakable lilt. The pombero is a mythical creature with the ability to steal a siren's voice. It was disclosed on Wednesday that Bianca had family matters that needed to be handled. In the words of Nerdist, "She's torn between her new life at Nevermore and her mother's cult-like world."

That subplot needs to be thoroughly investigated, though. Consequently, it is a plot that might catch on in season two. Particularly now that Wednesday and Bianca are buddies, this is a possibility. And if that's the case, a pombero might show up and cause havoc. Fans would definitely be interested in that plot.


Although many of the most well-known horror film monsters were portrayed in the series, a zombie and a witch were conspicuously absent. But since it's also said that Wednesday's family will have a bigger role in the second season, viewers might possibly see a witch and a zombie. How come, though? The grandmother of Wednesday is a witch, as everybody who has seen The Addams Family knows. And Lurch resembles a zombie. To be more exact, he is a human chimera-Frankenstein's monster.