One Piece Chapter 1072 Summary and Recap (Spoiler Alert)

Welcome aboard Pirates!! Chapter 1072 is now out. Sit tight and read this another amazing yet thrilling chapter as Bonney catches Vegapunk and Zoro continues his battle with Kaku.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Summary and Recap (Spoiler Alert) - One Piece Chapter 1072 Summary and Recap

The synopsis of One Piece chapter 1072 begins with a confirmation of the chapter's title, The Weight of Memories, and a recap of the cover image. Vinsmoke Judge is constructing his spear, Caesar Clown is manufacturing a Devil Fruit, and Queen is getting ready for his viruses. Since the last cover photo, which starred the MADS group, considerable time has gone.

Recap of Chapter 1071

The Cypher Pol 0 traps Dr. Vegapunk and his men in Labophase in One Piece Chapter 1071. However, the brilliant scientist activates his lab's nearly impenetrable defense system, giving the government agents a temporary setback. Dr. Vegapunk and the Straw Hat pirates decide what to do next during that interval.

Luffy informs the other crew members that the scientist will be traveling with them. A mysterious event occurs right then. Cypher Pol can find and assault the Thousand Sunny once the dome opens. Zoro, dozing off aboard the ship, wakes up and stands guard over it. Dr. Vegapunk asks Luffy to mindlessly accept his request to bring all his satellites aboard the Thousand Sunny during the battle.

Other areas in New World are beginning to experience events while Egghead is preoccupied with the conflict between the Straw Hats and the government. Finally, Kid and his band of pirates have reached their next location.

Surprisingly, it turns out to be the Giant's hometown of Elbaph, a location straight out of the stories. At the Naval Base G-14, Luffy's grandfather Garp is also making a scene. He tells the young Marine to board and ride along with him as he retrieves the imprisoned Koby as he arrives to grab Helmeppo.

About Chapter 1072 - The Weight of Memory

Returning to Egghead in Chapter 1072, Jewellery Bonney is still attempting to assassinate the brilliant scientist. As soon as the scientist regains consciousness, the pirate starts trying to capture her. Dr. Vegapunk is still pleading with the pirate to quit trying to kill him in the meantime.

Vegapunk is eventually captured by Bonney, who transforms him into a kid. She continues by allowing the scientist to explain his reasoning for turning Bartholomew Kuma into a cruel machine. However, Vegapunk won't tell Bonney the truth no matter how much she begs him to. The young pirate finds it difficult to accept him when he insists that it is Kuma's wish not to tell his child the reason.

Bonney discovers a suspicious room, but Vegapunk won't say anything. A door has a painted black paw print on it. Obviously, Kuma is involved with it. When Bonney opens it, she discovers a huge floating paw inside.

The manga then gives a brief flashback to Kuma's earlier days when he still possesses his humanity. In the following panels, Vegapunk explains to Kuma how his Devil Fruit power can lead to an advance in science. The former Warlord initially declines to materialize memories when he requests him to.


Chapter 1072 Spoilers Ahead!! Sit Tight as Things are Now Getting More Interesting

The floating paw stands out to Bonney as her father's memories. But Vegapunk admonishes her sternly not to touch it. She is reminded of Kuma's ability by Vegapunk, particularly the fact that it can quickly kill a person with a deadly quantity of pain.

Unfortunately for the scientist, Kuma's Devil Fruit talent is known to others as well. Bonney doesn't believe him; she genuinely thinks Kuma's memory is what the flying paw is. The Straw Hats and Vegapunk's Satellites are currently investigating the Cypher Pol's advancements back in Labophase.

It turns out that just Zoro and Brook are defending the Thousand Sunny because Rob Lucci has now joined the battle. The Seraphims have additionally entered the Labophase. That's not really all that terrible, though.

If their directives can get to them, the Satellites have greater control over them and can overturn CP0's authority. Edison and Lilith sprint to the front lines to carry out that mission. Sanji can't keep his mouth shut when he sees the predicament. He bemoans Zoro's passing beforehand, which causes Nami to send him as well.

The Devil Fruit Awakening

Zoro and Brook are still fighting Kaku on the Thousand Sunny, but he has already arrived. The change of Kaku astounds the two swordsmen. Kaku appears to have attained Devil Fruit Awakening just like Lucci did. Zoro is unconcerned, though. The Straw Hat's first mate observes that, regardless of his adversary's shape, chopping him down will render him a corpse.

Kaku concurs, but the government agent is certain that the pirate won't be able to cut him, especially given that the pirate can swivel his neck incredibly quickly. The Straw Hat easily slams Kaku's skull towards the floor, even though Zoro finds it bothersome because he's seen worse in Wano.


While Brook, Zoro, and Kaku are engaged in combat, Lucci and Stussy are attending to other matters. Before the renowned scientist enters, Lucci orders the Seraphim to obliterate the entire laboratory. This is also heard by Nami and the other lab workers. The fact that there is no certainty that Edison and Lilith will arrive in time causes Nami to immediately go into panic. The Seraphims also don't spend any time.

They start demolishing the lab right away after receiving their orders. Kaku is delighted to see their side making progress because it implies that their mission will be completed quickly.

The Cypher Pol spy is assaulted just as he is celebrating, though. He is asleep after being bit by someone. Given that Stussy, who attacked Kaku, is the culprit, Lucci is taken aback by the sudden revelation, especially since it turns out that Stussy isn't just any figure. She is actually the first successful MADS clone, and she is modeled on Miss Buckingham Stussy, a former Rocks Pirate.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. What happened in chapter 1072 One Piece?
In chapter 1072 of One Piece, Shaka tells the Straw Hats that they can command the Seraphim in Labophase, so Edison, Lilith, Sanji, and Franky go to regain control of them. Meanwhile, Zoro continues his battle with Kaku, and Stussy renders Kaku unconscious and plans to do the same to Lucci.

The chapter also reveals new information about Bartholomew Kuma's Devil Fruit and his goals at the Red Line. Additionally, the chapter sees Seraphim turn on Dr. Vegapunk, and Queen, Vinsmoke Judge, and Caesar are seen preparing their respective weapons and creations.

2. How many chapters is in One Piece?
As of May 8, 2023, One Piece has a total of 1082 chapters

3. How close is One Piece to finishing?
One Piece is expected to end soon, with the creator Eiichiro Oda confirming that the series is "headed toward the upcoming final saga" and wants it to end within five years. According to a Reddit post, the manga will end on average in 2025 with around 1170 chapters.

4. Why was there a timeskip in One Piece?
The timeskip in One Piece refers to the two-year skip in the storyline between Chapters 597–598 and Episodes 516–517. According to an interview with the creator Eiichiro Oda, the timeskip was that Luffy wasn't strong enough to fight the Yonko, which was his whole purpose.

During the timeskip, all the members of the Straw Hat crew trained to become stronger pirates, and Silvers Rayleigh suggested the entire crew train separately for two years. The timeskip was a crucial part of the anime where the nature of Luffy's adventures started to change, and the Straw Hat crew got much stronger.

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